Pete & Toshi Seeger spent 75 years working together for peace, social justice, and to protect the earth. They worked to mentor, nurture and support thousands of activists and musicians around the world. They played a central role in supporting musical culture that springs from and involves ordinary people, not just professional musicians.

Since Toshi's death in 2013 and Pete's death in 2014, many people around the world strive to carry forward the many causes they worked on and supported.

The Carry It On Fund provides financial support to organizations and projects which reflect and move forward the vision and values of the Seegers.

The fund will consider grants for the following types of projects:

1. Preservation & archiving of the papers & other work materials of Pete & Toshi Seeger to make these available for future generations

2. Music projects that empower, support social change, encourage community singing, or support traditional folk musicians

3. Peace, justice and environmental projects with a special emphasis on organizations and causes that were deeply important to Pete & Toshi Seeger

A more detailed Mission Statement is currerntly being drafted by the Board.