The Carry It On Fund is a new fund established in 2015 to celebrate the lives of Pete & Toshi Seeger and support those carrying on their work.

Mission. The Seegers inspired us and gave us hope by working tirelessly for peace, social justice, and to protect the earth. They helped folk music and community singing to flourish. They offered enormous assistance to thousands of activists and musicians. Since Toshi's death in 2013 and Pete's death in 2014, many people around the world are striving to carrying on the many causes they worked on together for over seventy years.

The Fund receives donations to provide financial support for projects and organizations that are carrying forward the work and vision of Pete & Toshi Seeger.


Non-profit status. This fund is a project of Creative Thought & Action, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Western Massachusetts, recognized by the IRS to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. 

The activities of the Fund are managed by a Board. Current board members include: David Bernz, Debbie Block, Peter Blood (ex-officio), Kim Harris, Reggie Harris, Pat Humphries, Charlie King, John McCutcheon, and Annie Patterson.